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Dated: September 30 2020

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Buying a home is an investment in a neighborhood as well as a house. In fact, the character and amenities of the neighborhood may be just as important to the property value as the house itself. No matter what kind of neighborhood you’re looking for, it's important to know its history and future when you decide to buy. Here are some important things that need to be researched:

1. Recent sales – What are the current trends, are homes selling quickly, have home values been increasing at the same rate as other neighborhoods in the area.

2. Homes now for sale – What homes are listed in the area, and are they listed above past sales? Have the values have become stagnant, this may be an indication of the neighborhood becoming less desirable to buyers.

3. Home appreciation – Historical data on sales gives the best indicator of a neighborhood's potential. Are homes appreciating at 3%, 5%, 10% or higher every year?

4. Schools – School scores and district boundaries are very important to research before moving into a neighborhood. The closest school is not always in your district, and school scores reveal if a neighborhood is invested in the schools' success.

5. Crime – Get the hard facts about any problems in the neighborhood -- don't depend on anecdotal information.Image title

6. Demographics and growth – Find out how the area is growing and changing.

7. Community – Learn about neighborhood features, such as public schools, shopping areas, parks, commuting options and more.

I can help provide you with all this information. Please give me a call or email me any questions you have. You’ll find that the more you know about the neighborhood or area you’re considering, the easier it will be to narrow your search for your new home.

If you have more questions about buying a home for the first time, please feel free to call or email me directly at:

Keith Lipari

717-921-4514 (cell)

717-591-5555 (office)

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